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Frequently Asked Questions about ICEVI

This is the place where we try to answer frequently asked questions about ICEVI and its activities. We hope that by providing you with answers to those questions we will be able to make your search for information faster and connect you with the appropriate people in a timely manner. Please follow the links provided in this FAQ as this will ensure that your request will get into the hands of people who are the most competent to answer your question.

Q. What is ICEVI?

A. ICEVI is the abbreviation for International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment. The ICEVI is a global association of individuals and organisations that promotes equal access to appropriate education for all visually impaired children and youth so that they may achieve their full potential. ICEVI is a nonprofit multi-regional organization which means that ICEVI's power lies in the hands of the seven regions representing ICEVI.

Q. I would like to become a member of ICEVI, what should I do?

A.At present, there are two categories of quadrennial membership for individuals:

Category 1: A contribution of US $ 100 which will entitle you to ICEVI E-News, Conference announcements and annual report

Category 2: A contribution of US $ 150 which will entitle you to ICEVI E-News, Conference announcements, annual report, and 8 issues of The Educator- ICEVI's bi-annual magazine

Institutions are enrolled on the basis of their annual budget as per the following classifications:

An annual budget of

  • Less than 1 million US dollars : US $ 200 per annum
  • 1 to 5 million US dollars : US $ 750 per annum
  • More than 5 to 10 million US dollars : US $ 1500 per annum

To become a member, individuals and organizations may contact

Please also copy the ICEVI regional chairperson of the region in which you live on such a message (find the closest chairperson for your region or subregion).

Q. I have a question about services for blind persons in a specific country. Whom should I write to?

A. Generally, your ICEVI regional chairperson is the best source of information and referral for such questions. The list of regional chairpersons with their contact information can be found in the regional pages of this website. Therefore, you should direct your inquiry to the appropriate regional chairperson. The regional chairperson may either respond directly or forward your inquiry to the "ICEVI contact person" in the closest country to you.

Q. I would like to receive "The Educator" on a regular basis. How can I do so?

A."The Educator" is posted on the ICEVI website along with all regional newsletters. The Educator is also available in both print and braille versions in English, Japanese and Spanish. At present, institutions are provided print copies of The Educator free of cost whereas individuals wishing to have personal copies should pay a quadrennial subscription of US $ 50.

Q. I am or know of an individual that has a specific personal need. Can ICEVI help?

A. ICEVI is not in a position to respond to individual requests for assistance related to equipment or financial support. However, we would be happy to try to put you in contact with appropriate organizations in your country or region. Such referrals are generally best made by the regional chairperson in the region where the request comes from. Please contact your regional chairperson for such information (use this link to view the list and contact information of all regional chairpersons). Moreover, links have been provided on our website to a number of organizations that are directly involved with services to persons with visual disabilities over the world.

Q. I would like to support the work that ICEVI is doing in creating equal access to education for children with visual impairment. How can I help?

A. ICEVI maintains a list of projects at the regional level which are designed to improve and expand educational access. Contributions to specific projects are very much appreciated. If you would like to have a listing of on-going or proposed ICEVI activities in a specific region you may obtain this listing by contacting the ICEVI Chief Executive Officer, M.N.G. Mani.

Q. How can I become more involved in the work of ICEVI?

A. ICEVI places greatest attention on activities at the regional level and therefore if you wish to become more actively involved in ICEVI, we suggest that you contact your ICEVI regional chairperson directly (Use this link to find appropriate regional chairperson).

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