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ICEVI Secretariat

Dr. M.N.G. Mani
Chief Executive Officer
#5030, Third Floor,
Sreevatsa Center,
G N Mills Post,
Mettupalayam Road,
Coimbatore 641 029,

Telefax: +91 422 2648104
Website: www.icevi.org
Vision Alliance International Disability and Development Consortium – Global Action Week

International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI) is a global association of individuals and organizations that promotes equal access to appropriate education for all children and youth with visual impairment so that they may achieve their full potential. This website includes information that is relevant not only to ICEVI in general, but, most importantly, to the activities that take place in the seven regions of ICEVI.

WBU-ICEVI Joint Assemblies 2016 18-25 August 2016
Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA
ICEVI Day – 22 August 2016 WBU-ICEVI General Assembly 2016: ICEVI Day Program For More Updates Click : www.wbu-icevi2016.org

ICEVI - The Nippon Foundation Higher Education Employment Videos

Meeting of The President, ICEVI and Chairman,
The Nippon Foundation

On 24th November, ICEVI President Lord Colin Low met with Mr Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman of The Nippon Foundation, at the House of Lords. The Nippon Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation established in 1962 for the purpose of carrying out philanthropic activities. Mr Sasakawa (who was accompanied by Ms Tominaga, Kiyoharu Sugiura and translator Ms Machida) was given a tour of the House of Lords, before a brief but fruitful meeting.

Discussions focused mainly on higher education. The Nippon Foundation has generously supported ICEVI's Higher Education project based in South East Asia for the last 10 years, and Lord Low took the opportunity to express ICEVI's huge appreciation for this support. They also touched on ICEVI's technology initiative which has the backing of UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown.

Mr Sasakawa spoke about how honoured he was to be in London to receive an award, the recent successes on combatting leprosy, a particular passion of his (a UN resolution and news of the last country to achieve elimination - Brazil) and his commitment to supporting vulnerable, including disabled people. He also spoke with obvious commitment about his work in Myanmar, where he has been given a commission by the government to help to promote peace in that country, Finally Mr Sasakawa spoke about the work of the Nippon foundation in Africa, and asked to be kept up to date about any progress ICEVI made in this region.

The meeting ended with both parties looking forward to renewing their acquaintance in Orlando for next year's Joint WBU-ICEVI General Assembly in August 2016, which Mr Sasakawa has agreed to attend.

Mr. Gordon Brown, Special Envoy to the United Nations on Global Education, sends a strong message of support for the ICEVI-WBU EFA-VI Global Campaign

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