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Here you can find the list of important news at ICEVI. If there is a page associated with a particular news, you will be able to click on the news title and get more information about it. Please note that the news will stay for some time on our website, after which they will be moved to the archives.

  • ICEVI E-News - October 2017 (PDF version  |  Word Document)
  • GPCWD September Newsletter-2017 (PDF version)
  • ICEVI Europe Newsletter - Issue 63 (PDF version)
  • 9th ICEVI European Conference Downloads - Abstracts and Photos (PDF version)
  • African Union of the Blind Unveils the Kenya ARADI Campaign Team (Word Doc)
  • HE - Consolidated Report - 2016 - 2017 (PDF version)
  • ICEVI - Marrakesh Treaty Workshop - Feedback from Higher Education students (PDF version)
  • ICEVI - Marrakesh Treaty Workshop - Philippines - Report (PDF version)
  • IDDC - Call to Invest in Disability Inclusive Education (PDF version)
  • Yohei Sasakawa Receives Health and Human Rights Award (PDF version)
  • ICEVI E-News - April 2017 (PDF version)
  • CCNGO Declaration (PDF version)
  • CCNGO Working Procedures 2017 (PDF version)
  • Members CCNGO EFA Coordination Group 2017-2019 (PDF version)
  • White Paper - "e-Accessibility in a Connected World" (PDF version)
  • WBU-ICEVI Braille Literacy Position Statement 2016 (Word Doc)
  • ICEVI General Assembly 2016 Minutes (Word Doc)
  • Africa Regional Management Committee Meeting (Word Doc)
  • Accessible Books Consortium (PDF version)
  • ICEVI E News October 2016 (Word Doc)
  • HE - Consolidated Report - 2015 – 2016 (PDF version)
  • ICEVI Quadrennial Report – 2012 – 2016 (PDF version)
  • Announcing RIDBC's Launch of UEB Online Accessible - A Braille eLearning Program (Word Doc)