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The importance of medical rehabilitation on the visual field for students with visual nerve pathology

Focus: School years

Topic: Low vision

Livija Martinaitiene


Kaunas Boarding School for Partially Sighted children

Taikos 6A, LT-3000, Kaunas


370 37 793 798


In Kaunas Boarding School for Partially sighted children during 2000/2001 academic year were studying 102 students. All of them were checked by specialists: ophthalmologist, physiotherapist and psychologist. The majority of illnesses were linked with pathology of visual nerve (25,4%).

Chart 1

Causes of visual acuity derangement (%)

The students were divided in two groups according to the visual acuity. In the first group there were 9 students who had the visual acuity from the light perception to the 0,1. In the second group there were 17 students who had the visual acuity from 0,1 and more.

The visual field was examined by Goldman’s perimeter. It was deduced different kinds of visual field defects for students in both groups.

Medical rehabilitation was applied: transcutaneous electrostimulation course of the visual nerve twice a year, giving 10 procedures and electrophoresis including vitamins.

Chart 2

The process of medical rehabilitation





Medical treat-ment


The visual field and visual acuity was examined after taking the procedures. The visual acuity in both groups has slightly changed: in the first group visual acuity has improved for 2 students up to 0,2, and in the second group – for 4 students up to 0,2 – 0,4. 

Examining the visual field it was founded that the result of two courses of therapy the visual field has improved for 5 students in the first group, and for 17 students in the second group.

Chart 3

The changes of visual acuity and visual field after taking the procedures


Applying medical rehabilitation the visual field improves for those students whose visual acuity is better.

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