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The Theory of Blind Children’s Plastic Arts

Focus: School Years

Topic: Research

Prof. HAN Tie-Cheng

146 South-Horse-Deity-Temple-Street

Hohhot Special Education School

Hohhot China P. R. 010010

Tel: China 0471- 4924772

Fax: China 0471- 3601088

E-mail: h.t.c.ba@fm365.com


From the prehistoric era that the people are without stop to sought after the beauty and the enjoyment from the beauty, however the blind people was cast away from the beauty what an unequal things. In my school there is most BC who put forward his entreaty to me, can I to learn the art course? For this asking and desires I expend 20 years to be on the move constantly and make great effort for it.

After these years, we (me and BC ) obtain the success, that was a typical example in China, in the world.

It’s a BC art education living example, a difficult education engineering, that was offered by Hohhot Special Education School. The achievement was praised by social of strata. The names are lined up follows:



   - The specialists and The Presses exceeded 50.

   - The Hohhot City Government in China.

   - The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government in China.

   - The Academy of Social Science of Inner Mongolia.

   - China National Publish Government.

   - The science seminars in Hohhot, in Beijing China.

   - To convoke a news conference in Beijing China.

   - Be given the praised by the colleagues who from Taiwan, Japan, England, the United States.

   - To held a symposium in the universities abort the aesthetics, the philosophy, the pedagogy…

   - To convoke the research scientific paper.

   - To made out a course for the fundamental education.

   - To made a color sense examine for the BC.

   - To look into the families for the genetics.

   - To writing out the scientific papers about BC’s psychology, thought and action, emotion and

    imagination, color sense and plastic technique.

   - Produced a great social reverberation.

   - To made the discussed the questions with the professors, science academicians, the educational

researcher specialist of special education, aesthetics theoreticians, the artist and the


   - To made a VCD for BC’s art education in China.

- The winner of the Shanghai Great World Guinness, recordation, 2000.

About this theme I made summarize expound upon as follows:

Often some people produce a question about how did the blind children to draw out a painting?

Blind children draw the painting it’s possible or not, is a conception, how to draw out and how to appreciate it is other things.

It’s the rights of education and creative. When the BC aren’t willing to send himself in the poorness of art and thirst for learn the course of arts, then he to make a great effort. When the blind children’s plastic arts works more and more are emerged in your eyes, that you are have to make out a new criterion and to appreciate it. Time is pass by 20 years, the more than thousands blind children’s works of arts (BCWA),( the new kind of art works we give it a tentative name of plastic art, formative art, space art or the mixture of three kinds conception), it once are emerged in Hohhot Inner Mongolia, Beijing China, Greece Athens, Bologna Italy and the Library of UNESO. When it made me had to compared the BCWA with following subjects:

  1. BCWA as compared with the visual art:
  2. Use a precise name that the BCWA sort it into the plastic or formative art. The blind not able to appreciate the visual art but he are able to make a formative works. As it a visual art be showed to eyes and are touched by blind. Because of this, the blind. children provided a new kind of art works to the spectator. At the same time the BCWA shows that the blind children has a talent for art equally.
  3. BCWA as compared with the modernist art.

  In 19~20 century, more modernist tried to created and seek after for a more beautiful art works and tried to evade from the eyes control. That works was emphasized the non-detail description, the non-objective and the non-representational, the artist such as Pieter Mondriaan, Bari Vander L-eck Dutch, Kandinsky Vasily Russian and Miro Joan Spanish, all the artists had weakened the visual function and emphasized the consciousness. So the condition accord with the blind child condition that a batch of BCWA emerged from the blind hands.

  1. So much BCWA are appeared by the ARTWORK BY BLIND CHLLDREN 

  (A picture album) the news papers and the exhibitions, some people always associate an image with the BCWA with the prehistoric (Q3~Q24) cliff Painting, why?

    Three causes:

  1. The primitive man prehistoric cliff painter and blind children who aren’t the experience specialist.
  2. They are not the prerequisite to learn the art.
  3. Both they to produced the works was origin of theirs interest and imagination. Both they are from an alike starting point so that the works had more same characteristic.

Because of the BCWA emerged that lead to an anew think and discuss the question of the art:

   Question one: What to do the painting for the blind?

   Question two: What to do the blind in the historical stage for the painting?

   Both answer are no! Why?

    Even if the art history, the society, the education and the families are all have the blame, but the first blame was the blind himself.

   From history to new, the blind do not to know what is the painting and, how to enjoy the


   Where there is nothing to be saw but the dark in he’s heart world. Today, we have to

   compensate for

   this regret by the education that is beginning of childhood of the blind children. The first to

   learn is for participate in the art and to acquaint the substance of the material, the method of the


   The art works is a production it is made and appeared the author spirit, thinking and interest,

   so the BCWA is an art. This kind of art “they represent a challenge to all of us to discover

   the hidden potential of which we are capable and to give it room to blossom and develop”. (The

   Director General Federico Mayor UNESCO 8. IAN 1997.)

   Be faced with the challenge we have to think out following question:

  1. To open up in course of discuss the theory of BCWA in many subject.
  2. Participation and rights.
  3. To popularize and  to develop:

  - To propagate in many kinds of mass media.

  - To reform the education.

  - Continue to search more kind of way for create BCWA.

  - Take the BCWA turn into the commodity.

We made great effort at the art education for the BC, such as map out the plan for the BC art education, organized the creative work, published the blind children’s album, published the theory of blind children’s plastic arts, held the seminar in the provincial area, nationwide, held news conference, held exhibitions to display in the stars guesthouse at long-term, and to be publicized by journalism (≥50 times) more than half of 1.3 billion people understood BCWA, at the same time it produced following effects:

  1. The BC is able to paint the picture and the BCWA is beautiful, is avant-garde and the spectator was deeply moved by BCWA.
  2. To clear up the misunderstanding about the BC who can not to make up the arts works. and from this to dispel the discrimination.

   3.To set up a way for the communication between the BC and another.

  1. 4.The BC’s self-confidence had strengthened in he’s life so that the BC had understood to he is the one of the same rank of class in the society. So the BC has the courage went out of his hometown, went to the other regions, the other countries for his development.

5.Thus the BC is had gain the esteem at same time they had the lift BC’s social status.

6.It is a contribution for the development and progress of civilization of human beings.

7.BCWA and BC they represent a challenge to the social conception, the educational conception, the art conception and philosophy conception etc, they are have to make an afresh ponder and a readjustment.

The question and the answer between the BCWA and social ideology

   1. Is the people produce the art works, do not be keep watch by the eyes?

     Reply: Yes (It’s had produced≥2000 piece of works in 10 years by 15 pupils).

   2. Is the BCWA as an elegance art appreciation article?

     Reply: Yes (It was displayed in a Stars Guesthouse.)

   3. Is the BCWA could accepted and comprehended by the people?

     Reply: Yes (It has very good appraises after 50 times be publicized by the press).

By this condition, we can find his personality and the regularity of the form in his series of works.

Each BCWA have the striking difference even though the works (to take an example of the collage):

   1. The technique of well-distributed by the dots and circular shaping;

   2. The technique of the serrated regular pattern;

   3. The form is made by the many upon layer with the colors;

   4.The aggregated form picture with the geometric forms;

   5.The give first place on the picture integrate with the straight line and curved line etc.

These kinds of had beautiful flavor forms and the had the meanings forms though and moved people’s visual and tactile sensation that make people produced the imagine and the association.

Some aesthetics theoretician had the think that all are work of art its form is able to arouse people’s aesthetic feeling and imagination.

Some aesthetics theoretician believe which need three main prerequisites to constitute an art work:

   1. A specific appearance of language;

   2. An product of art is an independence existence article;

   3. A form it’s a flavor form;

As this prerequisites that the BCWA was define the work of art.

This BCWA was gained the affirmation and the praised by all spectator, and there was two section made the effect of move emotionally to the people:

   1. The flavor of the form;

  1. The flavor of the subject matter and it’s content;

We had used the art categories:

Collage, the dyeing and batik, brick carving, color play, carvings, intentionally scrawl, inlay, sculpture, pottery… So many kind (12) of form of art it was made knew that the room for BC art activities was very vastness.

The BCWA showed the mentality---the abode the natural forces, superhuman power, god’s power, manpower, the sex, the region, the condition and customs, the war and peace, the causality, the extolling and relegation, The animals and human beings, the health and sports, and so on. All the consciousness was had the nature attribute, the social attribute the aesthete attribute, the utilitarian attribute, the fun attribute in his implication.

The BCWA is a kind of language system. It is place able to transmit an information that is can not substituted the others language form for it for example the sex that can not to be used to spoken out by the pupil who even wore to shows at the public place. But we can see it on the BCWA it was shown an evident intention, which imply the mentality as the Sex Expound. ( S·Freud and Garl Gustav Jung’s about the unconsciousness and subconsciously of psychology. The school have a early stage course education of sex in health and hygiene knowledge, in china).

Some BCWA was had unconsciousness expression which was contains the story of the human life, the human feeling, the people with natural selling, the human being with the animals, the good hopes and to imprecate the evil etc.

The above analyze BCWA that make the teaches to more understand BC’s spirit, mentality and their family with the social influence his personality, so that the teach could to offer more education and course of study for their grow up in his life.

The principle of the education for BC

  1. The matter of primary importance is to teach the teacher change his conception.

 When the teacher had a definite presupposition, after that to encourage his BC hard try to

 Learn, how do the create vigorously;

  1. The teacher wants have courage to explore the way for teaching and studying.

 All various kinds of form of art and way can be used by the pupil for create the


  1. The school plan some teach time for the BCWA creation that is according to the native condition of the to plan the programming, the materials and by this base to arrange the teaching;
  2. To plan a time limit for hold an exhibition for the visit and inter flow between school and society;
  3. 5.A problem of the color that is most the have-light-feeling BC who can discern
  4. The colors about green, yellow, red and blue in front of his eye .The have-light-feeling BC are only a few one who are the color blindness; (A test way: To use a gentle-color-light to shine on the eye and ask they to answer what color is?)

The 630 PROGAM was put forward by professor Han in June 30,2000.The purpose of the 630 PROGRAM is building to a BC art gallery, the other name is the international BC Art Education Exchange Center. It’s use for collection and exhibit the BCWA and give serve to the international exchanging. It’s select and build in China, to collect the fund from whole world.

The program contains to take possession of land ≈2000m2×4 floors, total cost of building ≈3.5 million U.S dollars.

Welcome to every supporter to invest for the 630 PROGRAM.

A proposal

I have the aid of this conference to send out a proposal to the colleagues to make development program of art education for the visually handicapped in your country. And to set up a contact for the art education of the visually handicapped

I would very glad to accept your invite to held an exhibition and the science exchange for the arts education of visually handicapped in your country.

Thank you my colleagues.

One man who is living in a place there have the blind, the deaf and the other deformities. As a worker, artist, educator in 45 years. Who is the professor now, professor Han are teaching the visually handicapped and hearing handicapped children in Hohhot Special Education School in Inner Mongolia, China.

Who done some research into the subject of blind children’s formative arts had expended close to 20 years, and had published the RADIANCE OF THE SOUL in English and Chinese, The THEORY OF BLIND CHILDREN’S PLASTIC ARTS in Chinese.

Today he is bring some color collages works in VCD it will shows that the blind children’s paintings are what a kind of beautiful and how rich creatively works.


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