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The teaching of Braille reading and writing: A new proposal.



School Years: Access to Literacy.


Rosa L. Peña y Lillo Zapata.

Educational  Center of Special Education and Rehabilitation for Blind “Nuestra Señora del Pilar”

Nicolás de Piérola II Etapa B5–5


054 – 435140






During many years of work, the students that learned how to read and to write in our educational center, they made it basically starting from two work methods: the first one proposed by the Fundación Braille of the Uruguay using the book “My friend and Me”; the second based on a syllabic method whose use extended to all the schools of the region, using the book “Coquito” that adapted to the system Braille.


Starting from the year 1996 it is introduced in the Educational System of our country a new curricular proposal and a vision different from the work in the classroom. Motivated by this change we decide to introduce the new proposals in our classroom of first grade.


We looked for then to improve the time of learning of the reading and writing, to overcome the difficulties of learning of the letters i-e, f-d, h-j, in those that traditionally were even confusions in students of superior degrees, and to make of this learning a more dynamic experience.



Learning of the Braille reading and writing.


The same as other children and girls that begin in the learning of the reading and of the writing, the students with visual impairment should also achieve before the following abilities, concepts and dexterities to begin them in these learnings with the purpose of achieving good results. These are:



In general it is expected that these concepts, abilities and dexterities can be acquired by the students during the stage pre school or they are part of  the work of the first grade.


I develop of the Experience.


The experience has been implemented from the year 1996 in different stages or phases that we detail next:


First Phase.


Our proposal begins in the pre school period with the following actions:










We should write down that these activities are the most specific linked directly to our proposal. The other educational actions go to the development of the curricular program and the basic preparatory activities for the learning of the reading and of the writing.


Second Phase.


It corresponds to the stage of the first grade.












Third Phase.


This stage begins when beginning the student the second grade. The basic aspects that it includes this stage are linked to:







In this phase of the work, besides the varied readings that get ready for each student, a specific reading text is adopted.





From the first moment in the one that the experience began could note a bigger interest on the part of the students toward the learning of the reading and the writing since in the atmosphere of the school and of the house they could find permanently written in Braille, they were interested in reading them and they acquired progressively and in a spontaneous way the appropriate directionality for the beginning of the reading.


We also observe that it was very important to find their own name written this way in each place and object that it belonged them, when arriving to the first degree all the students they read their name and they differentiated it of that of their other partners. This aspect also helped to improve the association of the sounds with its written representation.


When beginning our work leaving of their body, of their name and of their environment, the students live the process from a different perspective that when it was approached the teaching of the reading and writing starting from the use of an unique and common text. We consider that he/she owes it to that when one works with a specific text the educational one he/she should bring the concrete material starting from their written representation so that he/she has significance for the student and don't fall in the verbalisim. On the contrary, when leaving of the names of their environment he/she is the own student the one that carries out the representation of the concrete thing and of what interests him.


We consider important to stand out that this proposal has a work sequence, the one that we have synthesized previously that believes the necessary mark for the success when putting it into practice. When a student has not participated of the process of preparation of the stage school pre, it becomes necessary that take a time to work the basic aspects in the first degree before beginning the teaching of the reading and writing in Braille.


Every year when putting it into practice we find new aspects whenever to consider that to revise and to continue improving that you/they contribute to continue perfecting our strategies, to systematize the proposal and to overcome our deficiencies.














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