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Integral plan of educational support for an eight year old visually handicapped student

Focus: School Years

Topic: New Service Model

Plácido González Paredes


Education Department

ONCE (Spanish National Organisation of the Blind)

Prado, 24, 2ª

28014 Madrid


+34 915 894 875



Here we present, for the Poster session, a proposal for a global plan of educational support for an eight-year old visually handicapped student.

The contents of the session are conditioned by the Poster format. The session will focus on the following paragraphs:

Blindness-derived necessities

Educational support: quality indicators

Evaluation and intervention tools

Care and support process

Example of Educational Support Plan

Computer application

Information brochures will be provided to professionals during the celebration of this session. These brochures include

Protocol for the entire initial evaluation of the student

Entire protocols of each one of the areas of intervention included in the plan that is applied to the student:

Visual training and stimulation

Basic instrumental techniques

Leisure, spare time and sports.

Advice and support for classroom teachers.

Coordination with other professionals and teams

Attention to families

Blindness-derived necessities

Educational support. Model: quality indicators


Care and attention process

Annual Individualised Plan of Educational Support Plan

Surnames & First Name:                         Primary Education:  8 years old  Affiliation no.:

Date of Birth: 17-08-1993                                                                                

ASSESSORS:   Social Worker and Teacher                    PLAN COORDINATOR: Teacher











Early attention

Development of the child                                                                                               

Support to families                                                                                                         

School enrolment

Student education

Visual training & stimulation Educ.Centre Teacher Sept. 2001 1 Sc-yr

Orientation and mobility                                                                                                 

Everyday life skills                                                                                                          

Basic instrumental techniques                     Educ.Centre              Teacher       Sept. 2001        1 Sc-yr

Social skills                                                                                                                     

Leisure, spare time and sports                   ONCE Educ.Centre    Teacher       2nd Quarter          2-3 days

New technologies                                                                                                           

Personal, vocational and school


Educational advice and support

Curriculum modifications                                                                                               

Advice and support to classroom

Teachers                                                        Educ.Centre        Teacher         Sept. 2001   1 Sc-yr

Advice to education centre                                                                                           

Coordination with other professionals

And teams                                                     Educ.Centre            Teacher     Sept. 2001         1 Sc-yr

Attention to families                                   At  home                  S.W/T.       Sept. 2001         1 Sc-yr

Computer application



POSTER TITLE: Integral plan of educational support for an eight year old visually handicapped student

Reference number: PS: 3788

Attention area: School period

Subject: New model of services

NAME: Plácido González Paredes

Plácido works as a Pedagogist for the Division of Education of ONCE in Madrid (Spain). His professional role is developed in the field of educational planning and action, participating in the follow-up of attention and support programs, assessment, etc.

This poster presents an individualized and integral plan designed to give response to educational needs for an eight year old visually handicapped student.

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