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Proceedings of ICEVI's Xth World Conference

Stepping Forward Together: Families and Professionals

as Partners in Achieving an Education for All

Sao Paulo, Brazil August 3-8 1997

Editors: Campbell, Lawrence; Campos, Marta; Furry, Brandi;

Mortimer, Robert

Prepared for publishing on the World Wide web by Victor Tsaran

Table of Contents (General)


Lawrence F. Campbell - Chairperson, Scientific Committee and
Victor Siaulys - Chairperson, Host Committee

Keynote Speeches:

"Partnership Between Consumers and Professionals in the Education of Blind Children."

- Kenneth Jernigan, USA

How Effective are Educators as Partners in Preparing Children for Life?

- Paul Ennals, United Kingdom



KeyNote Speeches

"Parents and Professionals: Partners?"

-Victor Siaulys, Brazil

Juliet Stone - United Kingdom

KeyNote Speeches

"The Viewpoint of Blind Persons"

- Pedro Zurita, Spain


Keynote Speeches
"The Education of Blind and Visually Impaired Children: Personal Conduct, National Standards and Global Forces."
- Kevin Carey, United Kingdom

Workshop Table of Contents


President's Report 1992-1997


Regional Reports:

Committee Reports:

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