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Thematic Task Groups

As a part of the strategic development of ICEVI, a series of discussions were initiated by the Principal Officers of ICEVI with the International Partner Members (IPMs) that led to the formation of a number of task groups that will initiate publications and activities on specific thematic issues. In all, more than 10 thematic issues have emerged during Board discussions. The Principal Officers, in consultation with Board members, have prioritized the five themes of advocacy, technology, MDVI, gender equity and children’s participation for task group initiatives in 2022/2023. Some members of the ICEVI Executive Board have volunteered to lead the Task Forces and to begin with the following five groups have begun their work.

  • Advocacy/influencing task group – Facilitated by Andrew Griffiths
  • Technology in education task group – Facilitated by Marcel Janssen
  • Gender equality and women’s rights task group – Ana Peláez
  • Task group on children participation, with the goal of creating a Children’s Council in each ICEVI region – Ana Peláez
  • Deafblindness and multiple disability task group – Mirko Baur

The broad Terms of Reference and priorities have already been established by each task group.

On the basis of the outcomes of the five working groups, ICEVI will establish working groups to address the additional priority themes of climate change, teacher preparation, inclusive education, higher education, parent partnerships, low vision, rehabilitation, etc., in the years 2023 and 2024. ICEVI is anticipating the creation of strong position papers on each of the identified themes by the end of the current Quadrennium. These papers will guide strategic planning in the subsequent Quadrennium beginning 2024.