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Here you can find the list of important news at ICEVI. If there is a page associated with a particular news, you will be able to click on the news title and get more information about it. Please note that the news will stay for some time on our website, after which they will be moved to the archives.

  • ICEVI - COVID 19 Response
  • ICEVI Statement on Protection and Safety of Persons (VI) in War Affected Countries (Word Doc)
  • World Braille Day 2022 - Message (Word Doc)
  • Kenneth (Ken) Stuckey 1938 - 2020 (Word Doc)
  • On-line Teaching of Basic Computer Operations to the Blind during Lock Down (Word Doc)
  • World Braille Day, 4th January 2020 (Word Doc)
  • ICEVI – WBU Joint Education Position Statement (PDF version  |  Word Document)
  • IDDC - Call to Invest in Disability Inclusive Education (PDF version)
  • Yohei Sasakawa Receives Health and Human Rights Award (PDF version)
  • WBU-ICEVI Braille Literacy Position Statement 2016 (Word Doc)