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Message from the ICEVI COVID Response Team

Dear All,

In response to the COVID 19 crisis, the ICEVI is committed to share information that may be useful for parents and teachers of visually impaired children. The Regional Presidents of ICEVI are in touch with the country contacts of ICEVI and will gather country specific information too that will be uploaded on a dedicated section on our website We encourage members of ICEVI to share with us any learning resources that may be useful for partners and teachers to facilitate online learning opportunities for visually impaired children. ICEVI has also developed teacher training curricula and 175 mathematics instructional videos that may be helpful especially at this critical period. ICEVI will continue to update this page from time to time for the benefit of the viewers.

Mobile Phones during COVID

The ICEVI West Asia and Blind People’s Association have launched a unique initiative of providing mobile phones to poor students with blindness and multiple disabilities who cannot afford to purchase this instrument. By providing this mobile, we shall enable them to access online lesions during Covid. After successful distribution of 25,000 Helping Hand Kits among persons with blindness and disabilities, these organizations have embarked upon this mission of providing 200 mobiles phones to such needy students. So far, 82 mobile phones have already been sponsored. The donors are welcome to donate Rs. 6000 (US $ 82) for purchasing and providing one Android G4 Mobile with 2GB RAM and 32 GB storage capacity. The donor shall be provided name, address and photograph of the child who have been provided this mobile.